Activities at Piddle Creek

At Yellow River Game Farm/Piddle Creek Kennels, the environment, habitat and education are priorities, not just on our property, but in general.

On the farm, we have had one wetland restoration and are anticipating two more, including a major restoration on our rented field that will involve a 370-foot dike. We are hoping that the environmental education classes at Cumberland Schools will be able to be involved in some way in these projects.

We have had a forest management plan developed and a select cut done. On a regular basis, in the spring, we do controlled burns. There are mowed trails throughout the farm so it is very accessible, even for those with disabilities. Food plots for wild life are planted yearly. Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Bielmeier’s applied math class, we now have about 30 wood duck houses in place on the farm. His class checks the houses yearly, records their use and maintains them. Thanks, Mr. B and classes.

Beside what we do on the farm, we support wild life organizations, like Ducks Unlimited, Pheasants Forever and the Foundation for North American Wild Sheep. Through the MN/WI Chapter of the Foundation for North American Wild Sheep, we have taken groups of students from Wisconsin and Minnesota to Arizona to work on waterhole projects in the desert a total of five times, so far. On a yearly basis, our family volunteers to help the local DNR capture and band wild geese on local lakes. Kathy has sponsored and presented environmental and dog classes through the University of Wisconsin Barron County Campus, local school, church groups. We hosted a Women in the Outdoors seminar that won best WITO conference in the state for the year. Groups of Scouts have camped on our farm and used our facilities, and a Boy Scout Camporee held at the farm was a huge success. The Annual Barron to Spooner Trail Ride, starting at the Barron Sales Barn, and ending at Spooner, in the field across from the Highway Patrol building. The riders and their mounts stay at Yellow River Game Farm on the second night of the ride, which this year is July 7. Members of our family participate in the ride, and we all enjoy hosting the travelers. Of course, the culmination of this event is the Spooner Rodeo, including the rodeo parade.

Kathy and Larry are certified shooting instructors through the 4H program. Larry is an NRA certified rifle/pistol instructor. Kathy is an NRA certified shotgun instructor, and both teach hunter safety classes twice yearly, as well as, run one of the county ranges for 4H shooting sports.

We are always happy to open our farm to educational and youth groups and/or other adult organizations and have never charged for this.

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