Game Birds: The cost for hunting at Yellow River Game Farm is based on the number of birds purchased. There is no membership fee. The area and amount of time allotted for your hunt is dependent on the number of birds purchased. Prices for the spent pheasant hens in July and August was $7 per bird this past summer. The nice fall pheasants are now available for $15 per bird, plus .055 percent sales tax, for an even mix of hens and roosters. Prices will go up later in the season.


Puppies and started dogs: Prices on puppies are usually in the $400 to $500 range for males and $450 to $550 range for females right out of the litter for labs although prices may go as high as $1200 for pups in certain litters, depending on the pedigrees of the parents. Prices are from $600 and up on German Short Haired Pointer pups. After age eight weeks, the price usually increases by $50 per week because I am working with the puppies. I never keep a pup beyond age eight weeks without working with it. I have had litters in which pups sold for less or for more depending on the pedigrees and qualifications of the parents. I also may sell a puppy for less with limited registration or if the pup has a minor fault.

The price of started dogs is based on the age, pedigree and level of training of the dog. I have sold started dogs for anywhere from $600 to $4500. Occasionally, I take in an untrained older dog, train it and sell it as a pet or hunting dog. I base the price on my investment of time and money in the dog and whether or not the dog is or can be registered. If the dog was given to me so there was no initial financial investment for me, the started dog can end up being a real bargain for the buyer.

If the pup is one of my own that I have trained from age eight weeks and on, the price is the cost of the puppy at eight weeks, plus $50 per week for the time I keep the puppy after age eight weeks.

Shipping dogs: I have shipped all over the North America and also have sent pups to Okinawa, Germany and Brazil. Although I have used a variety of airlines, I prefer Continental for shipping pups in North America because
the pups/dogs are shipped counter to counter, via the main terminal versus being sent as cargo. The animal never sits on the tarmac but is loaded directly from the terminal to the plane and vice versa. The cost for the pups that I have shipped most recently has been in the $170 to $175 pound range, with the total weight of the pup and crate remaining under 50 pounds.
The cost is higher for bigger dogs in bigger crates. I am a frequent shipper so have not had any problems sending pups/dogs on airlines and am well versed on the airline requirements for shipping dogs.

Any pups/dogs that I ship are well prepared for the experience. I separate pups from the litter, get them used to sleeping and traveling in the crate and expose them to a variety of situations and sounds so that the experience of traveling is not traumatic for them. I have had people express amazement that I can have such young pups be so confident and comfortable with all the noise and people at the airport when I am dropping the pups off. At the other end, buyers have often commented that their new pup strolled out of the crate upon its arrival as if it owned the place. Leased dogs-refer to "guiding" for information.

Bird Cleaning costs are $1.00 per bird, with my children doing the bird cleaning. I do not have frozen birds available already cleaned and packed to exchange for birds shot that day. This is because some hunters have come with hard mouthed dogs and have exchanged birds that were all chewed up and unusable for good birds.

Training assistance and tips: No Charge!

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