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DOB: 9/30/2002
CERF: LR-412443-2004
OFA: HIPS: LR-147696G26M “GOOD”, ELBOWS: LR-EL25110M26 “NORMAL”, Thyroid normal, CNM clear, EIC carrier.

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Deuce has a great people personality and loves to work. He has a blocky head, is light yellow in color with black nose and eyes, a short muzzle, and a stocky body. He weighs 70 to 75 pounds and is very handsome for a field lab. Deuce has produced gorgeous pups, ranging in color from very light yellow to gold.

Deuce's pedigree is incredible, with 2XNAFC, FC Candlewood’s Ramblin Man as his sire and FC/AFC Brookdale’s Sugar and Spice (‘98 NFC Abe’s Ebony and Ivory X FC/AFC Dakota’s Rascal Ryan) as his dam.

Deuce is an AKC titled Master Hunter and currently needs only one more qualifying score to qualify for the Master Nationals. Deuce now is in Rockport, TX, with trainer, Tim Springer, for continuation of his training, to compete in Hunt Tests and, possibly, to run in the Qualifying in field trials. He will return in late April or early May.

Pleasant Valley's Fourth Ace JH



Piddle Creek's Strong Will JH


Will is a rich, dark chocolate up and coming stud dog, junior hunter and guide dog.  He is powerful and stylish, but an absolute gentleman, great with kids and with other animals.  His passion for birds makes him a great hunting and guide dog in the field, as well as, a peerless companion at home.

Piddle Creek's Strong Will JH

SN42450701  DOB 4/11/07 

OFA LR-181286E24M-VPI Excellent
Elbows LR-EL43250M24-VPI Normal
CERF                        EIC Clear            CNM Clear              AKC titled Junior Hunter

will2 will1



Piddle Creek's Excaliber MH

SN58427407, DOB 9/16/98, DNA #214029
HIPS: OFA LR-110952G27M-PI
CERF: LR-31997/2001-36, RECHECKED 9/17/05 NORMAL

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Ex is a dark chocolate retrieving machine. He weighs 70 to 75 pounds and is exceptionally solid and blocky. His personality is a real plus. Ex gets along with everyone and is always eager to please.

Hillview's Reuben James JH

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AKC SR151578/09, Eyes Clear, OFA LR-157823G24M-PI (Good), LR-EL29924M-PI
(normal), Reuben is 80 pounds, very blocky with a thick, straight coat. He is an extremely happy dog who wants to please. All the other dogs just love Reuben, as do all the people who meet him! In fact, it has been remarked by some of the guys around the farm that they would like to know what he has that makes him so popular as they could use some if it themselves.
Reuben is an AKC titled Junior Hunter and is being used as a pheasant hunting guide dog on our game farm.






Piddle Creek's Royal Flush, MH

AKC SR24830802, Eyes Clear, OFA Hips LR-166751F24M-PI, OFA Elbows LR-EL34577M24-PI, CERF LR-50946/2007—31, Thyroid normal, DNA Profile # V 466352, EIC carrier. CNM clear. Royal weighs 75 pounds and is fast and stylish, with boundless enthusiasm, but he is eager to please, easy to manage, friendly and good-natured.  Royal is a guide dog for pheasant hunting at Yellow River Game Farm and is an AKC titled Master Hunter. Royal carries the recessive yellow gene and has produced several litters with all three colors (yellow, black and chocolate).   CNM Clear.  Because he is an EIC carrier, he must be bred only to EIC clear bitches.  

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Piddle Creek's Buster Brown, JH

Buster is a taller, but well built, 75 pound plus up and coming stud dog who earned his junior hunter title during the summer of 2007. He has recently turned two and had his OFA hip and elbow x-rays. OFA numbers are pending, as is his DNA profile. Buster’s eyes have been CERFed, as well. Buster is continuing his training and will run senior hunt tests and hopefully, the masters, in the future. He is a very dark chocolate, with a calm disposition and strong desire to please, much like his grandfather, Piddle Creek’s Jim Dandy, MH, my first chocolate master hunter.

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